Our Doctors

Our Doctors

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Dr. Rania Al-Akkad

Dermatology and Beauty

Dr. Saber Abdulrahman


Dr. Heba Magdy

dermatology and Laser

Dr. Mohamed Mustafa

dermatology and Laser

Dr. Gaber El-Saqa

Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Shabak Othman

General Medicine

Dr. Amal Fathi Hassan

General Medicine

Dr. Husam Abdul Mutalib


Dr. Said Rateb

General Medicine

Dr. Sana Tawfik

Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Dr. Imad Samir

Diagnostic Radiation

Dr. Mohamed El-Sayid

Nose, Ear, Throat, Head and Neck Surgery

Dr. Nahla Ismail


Dr. Mohammed Naji


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Let's Make Healthy Service Better.

In Al-Aqsa Medical Group, we seek leadership in the field of medical and cosmetic services and aspire to unite efforts with good government; To achieve the goals of Vision 2030, which devotes efforts to industry, improving the quality of life for citizens and residents, which begins with focused health care and providing distinctive services in the field of cosmetic and therapeutic medicine.

With professional specialists in all fields under the leadership of an empowered Saudi, we are proud to provide the most important therapeutic, diagnostic services of the highest quality, and the best equipment.

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